Каталог песен иностранных исполнителей

AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long58065♫
Aguilera, ChristinaYou Lost Me44167♫
Aguilera, ChristinaYour Body46936♫
Alesso & Koma, MatthewYears60694
Anthony, MarcYou Sang To Me54944♫
Avicii & Al Fakir, SalemYou Make Me60616♫
BaccaraYes Sir, I Can Boogie62335
Bad Boys BlueYou're A Woman59023
Beatles, TheYellow Submarine54244♫
Beatles, TheYesterday53532
Berry, ChuckYou Never Can Tell (к-ф «Криминальное чтиво»)60192
Blunt, JamesYou're Beautiful54916
Bolton, MichaelYesterday56954
Bon JoviYou Give Love A Bad Name55926♫
BossonYou Opened My Eyes61237♫
Buble, MichaelYou And I60624
Buble, MichaelYou Don't Know Me47981
CherYou Haven't Seen The Last Of Me47091
Cocker, JoeYou Are So Beautiful50567
Cocker, JoeYou Can Leave Your Hat On406753077♫
Cook da BooksYour Eyes (к-ф «Бум»)57010
Cornell, ChrisYou Know My Name (к-ф «Казино Рояль»)55431♫
Cullum, JamieYou And Me Are Gone58852♫
DanzelYou Spin Me Round49234♫
Del Rey, LanaYoung And Beautiful (к-ф «Великий Гэтсби»)60219♫
Des'reeYou Gotta Be53753
Dion, CelineYou And I62336♫
Dire StraitsYour Latest Trick54380
DJ Snake & AlunaGeorgeYou Know You Like It62326♫
Fabian, LaraYou're Not From Here44188
Franka, JoanYou And Me45446♫
Goulding, EllieYou My Everything61787
Goulding, EllieYour Song49772
Grace & G-EazyYou Don't Own Me61641
Groban, JoshYou Raise Me Up53754
Groban, JoshYou're Still You53755
HIMYour Sweet Six Six Six54445♫
Hollywood UndeadYoung52870
Ilinca & Florea, AlexYodel It!61432♫
ImanyYou Will Never Know52535♫
ImanyYou Will Never Know (Ivan Spell & Daniel Magre Reb mix)53296
Jackson, MichaelYou Are Not Alone53297♫
Jackson, MichaelYou Rock My World62429♫
John, EltonYour Song55183
Jones, TomYesterday51956
Judas PriestYou've Got Another Thing Comin'59165♫
KeshaYour Love Is My Drug44684
Lady GagaYou And I48505
Langer, MadsYou're Not Alone48826
Lewis, LeonaYesterday44021♫
Lily, AmeliaYou Bring Me Joy51969
LondonbeatYou Bring On The Sun61455♫
LordeYellow Flicker Beat57240♫
Lukas GrahamYou're Not There61627♫
MadonnaYou'll See299752865♫
Manilow, BarryYoung At Heart51561
MedinaYou And I43216
Melody GardotYour Heart Is As Black As Night46957
Modern TalkingYou Are Not Alone58119♫
Modern TalkingYou Can Win If You Want58657
Modern TalkingYou're My Heart295842008
Monro, MattYesterday60021
Mraz, JasonYou And I Both54929
NirvanaYou Know You're Right57835♫
OffspringYou're Gonna Go Far Kid52615♫
OliveYou're Not Alone58164
Ora, RitaYoung, Single & Sexy51272
Orbison, RoyYou Got It56938♫
PlaceboYou Don't Care About Us58283
PlazmaYou Know (My Recent Disease)52004
PlazmaYou'll Never Meet An Angel49270♫
QueenYou're My Best Friend59171♫
RAYE & Jax JonesYou Don't Know Me62341
SadeYour Love Is King59379♫
Santa EsmeraldaYou're My Everything45072
Schulte, MichaelYou Let Me Walk Alone63028♫
ScorpionsYou And I58849
Simple PlanYour Love Is A Lie49904♫
Simpson, JessicaYour Faith In Me44430
Starr, RingoYou're Sixteen59912♫
Stewart, RodYou're In My Heart (The Final Acclaim)55467♫
StingYou Still Touch Me61099♫
Stjernberg, RobinYou50964♫
Swift, TaylorYou Belong With Me59564♫
t.A.T.u.You And I57027
TakasaYou And Me50968♫
Ten SharpYou440540350
Twain, ShaniaYou've Got A Way43543
Usher & Lil Jon & LudacrisYeah!56969♫
Van Buuren, Armin & Young, AdamYoutopia58683♫
Village PeopleY.M.C.A.62447
WestlifeYou Raise Me Up53545♫
Winehouse, AmyYou Know I'm No Good54951
Wurst, ConchitaYou Are Unstoppable55480